Common digital platform

Filili Connect is an app-based service provider that connects consumers to drivers, merchants and businesses.


Research and innovation

By analyzing current market needs, we have developed a superfast and light weight multi services ecommerce app and website for consumers, delivery partners, merchant and other businesses. After 9 months of software testing and engineering business processes, we are launching a unique ecommerce platform, which has potential to grow further in the future.

Ultimate shopping flexibility for customers

Filili Connect can change the way a consumer shop and lets you access your city like never before. Some of the benefits to the customers is highlighted below:

  • All type of Stores and Restaurant from your city under the same roof
  • Buy online from your favorite store or restaurant, such as food, medicine, groceries, alcohol, books, flower, electrons, furniture, clothing, fruits and many more
  • Click & Collect - Buy online and instant collection from store
  • Instant delivery, within 3 hours
  • Parcel service - Send anything to anyone with instant delivery service
  • Live order tacking system
  • Easy and Secure Payment method – Digital wallet, Debit & Credit card, Cash on delivery

Stores / Restaurants gets a better alternative

Access wider customer base in your area, Access to the large delivery fleet, All your Business metrics on your fingertips in real time

  • Your Own Branding
  • Just Add Your Items & Prepare Orders
  • We do the Rest